Do you still own clothing from college? Does your weekend wardrobe consist of sweatpants and hoodies? Do you have suits purchased years ago that are out of style or just don’t fit? If so, it might be time to refresh your wardrobe!

With our closet clean out service, we will help you segment your wardrobe into four categories, allowing you to properly assess what you've got to work with. Think of it like a game of "shag, marry, kill" but for your closet.

  • "Keep" - Any items you have worn in the past 6 months that are not outdated, anything that has sentimental value, or anything that fits properly will be kept.

  • "Alter" - Items that are almost perfect for you, but need to be tweaked; something small like a pant or sleeve hem, or tapering your pants. Our tailors will provide you with an affordable adjustment price so you can keep wearing your clothing. Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

  • "Donate" - Clothing that does not fit properly or is out of date, but still in good condition. We will donate all old suiting and shirting to "The Cara Program" for men who are in need of suiting for work and job interviews. Click here to learn more. 

  • "Toss" - Any clothing that is worn out, has holes or is damaged, will be thrown out.

Closet clean outs are $25 per hour, with a 20% discount if you purchase custom clothing after appointment. 

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